OSHA Dust Control Recommendations

OSHA Dust Control Recommendations:
• Implement a hazardous dust inspection, testing, housekeeping, and control program;
• Use proper dust collection systems and filters;
• Minimize the escape of dust from process equipment or ventilation systems;
• Use surfaces that minimize dust accumulation and facilitate cleaning;
• Provide access to all hidden areas to permit inspection;
• Inspect for dust residues in open and hidden areas at regular intervals;
• If ignition sources are present, use cleaning methods that do not generate dust clouds;
• Use only vacuum cleaners approved for dust collection
• Locate relief valves away from dust deposits.

“Use proper dust collection systems and filter” : The equipment must be certified for use in the concerned hazardous location. Refer to the NRTL certificate of compliance.

“Use only vacuum cleaners approved for dust collection”: The vacuum cleaner must be designed to safely collect the concerned dust. Refer to the instruction manual.


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