Combustible metals housekeeping as per NFPA 484 “Standard for combustible metals”

Cleanup procedures for fugitive dust accumulations (7.3)

First thing: “Fugitive dust shall not be allowed to accumulate to a level that obscures the color of the surface beneath it.” (7.3.1)

Second: “It shall be permissible to establish, in a building or room, an alternate housekeeping dust accumulation threshold based on a documented hazard assessment acceptable to the AHJ.” (7.3.2)

Third (concerning vacuum cleaning systems): “Periodic cleanup of fugitive dusts shall be accomplished by using…Dedicated vacuum cleaning systems designed for handling combustible metal powders” (7.3.3) and “portable vacuum cleaners shall be used only if listed for the material being vacuumed” (7.5.4)

In addition, and for the collection of combustible metals, it is important to choose an equipment which has been manufactured in compliance with the good manufacturing practices. Always refer to the operation manual to see the applications for which the vacuum cleaner has been designed for.

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