What we stand for

The vision of the HAZ-LOC Portable Vacuum Cleaners Organization is to actively contribute ensuring health and safety of workers in hazardous locations.

Our organization’s mission is determined by the current state of our industry’s regulation and general awareness pertaining to combustible and flammable materials in hazardous locations and the serious safety concerns this represents.

Our mission consists of the following:

  • Build collaborations and synergies amongst key stakeholders – namely manufacturers of Portable Vacuum Cleaners, suppliers of third party Haz-Loc certified components, regulatory agency experts and sectorial market leaders using these equipments;
  • Harness the expertise and engineering knowledge of all members in order to develop competent leadership in the field of combustible and flammable materials collection issues (regulatory, market or other);
  • Create tools, campaigns and communications  to increase awareness in concerned market sectors on the dangers and consequences of improper housekeeping;
  • Publish standards regarding the good manufacturing practices in the industry of Haz-Loc certified Portable Vacuum Cleaners.