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In this section, we have gathered articles, white papers and editorials which are of interest for our industry and for workers involved in the collection of combustible dusts and hazardous materials.

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  • A new group of discussion on Linkedin
    May 13, 2016

    On May 12, 2016 the Haz-Loc Portable Vacuum Cleaners Organization launched a group of discussion on Linkedin. On this group Linkedin members have now the opportunity to talk about hazards and safe practices regarding the use of portable vacuum cleaners in hazardous locations. You can visit the group of discussion at:


  • Housekeeping in hazardous locations
    May 6, 2014

    Any combustible material can burn rapidly when in a finely divided form. If such a dust is suspended in air in the right concentration, under certain conditions, it can become explosible.

    Flammable liquids can also give off enough vapor to form ignitable mixtures with air at normal room temperatures. As a result, they can pose a serious fire hazard.

    Proper housekeeping in hazardous locations requires the use of equipment providing specific protection features.

    Read more and download the information leaflet (PDF)